That was what Debbie said when I mentioned that our views (both Villa Gorilla and Ketahe) would benefit from a little demolition. But, she relented and then I checked with Bill too. Not that I am saying that they are never on the same page or anything.

Anyway, our view was widened a little on Friday. As you can see, we had a dusting of snow overnight, but Buster and his intrepid crew showed up for work anyway. The arrow points to the trees former location.

We spent 4 hours Friday morning (20 degrees!) in the (unheated) house with Buster and the electrician figuring out where all the plugs and switches should go. By the time I left my feet were blocks of ice! But, that is behind us and we can move on. The metal for the roof should be ordered soon and maybe we can update the time lapse. It hardly seems worth it till something starts changing on the outside of the house.