We visited the Vatican on Monday in Rome. I am just now posting because we have been keeping  busy.

We did not take too many photos at the Vatican due to the vastness of the place. I didn’t want to do too many “documentary” shots that were not visually interesting, and they don’t let you photograph the Sistine Chapel. Besides, we had a lot to cover, and our guide was very good, so I had to pay attention.

Barb Katz with American Express travel hooked us up on the Vatican tour with Access Italy. The guide was named Serena and she was great, and spoke excellent english. Her boss, Angelo was there and when we crossed paths with him and his group during the tour he asked if we wanted to take a detour. We of course said yes. That resulted in the tour of the Mosaic Studio.


To prove we were there.

The lighting here was too good to pass up

The highlight of our Vatican tour was a behind the scenes look at the artists that make the mosaics

One carefully chosen piece of glass at a time