Sorry it has been so long since the last post. We have been adding some touches and improving things slowly. We desperately need to add some pictures of family and stuff so it doesn’t feel so much like a rental house, but that stuff will come.

We have gotten the Harvest Table that Gerald built for us installed finally. In addition to building it, Gerald was forced to help carry it up the stairs.

In a house full of beautiful woodwork (doors, floors and trim) the solid cherry harvest table stands out. It is absolutely gorgeous. Now if the whole Gardner family shows up at once for dinner, we have a place to put some of them anyway!

Thanks again to Gerald for his craftsmanship.

Sitting on the Harvest Table is “Unlikely Friends” by Alan Hamwi. And above that is “Mercy” a photographic print by friend Linda Foard Roberts.

Slowly, this place is starting to feel like home.



Mercy, Harvest Table and Unlikely Friends