Those were Wendy’s first words to Buster when we saw the roof for the first time. It seems that during color selection there was a great deal of confusion over whether or not the sample sent us was called Country Red (sort of a bright red) our Colonial Red, sort of a darker red.

Initially we had specified Terra Cotta and Buster was ready to place the order for roofing material. He called me to make sure of our order and I suggested that since Wendy had never seen anything but a printed color in a brochure, that we would be a lot better off getting a sample.

When he contacted the supplier, they suggested that they had a sample of some Country Red that they could cut us a deal on, and that they would send a sample along with the Terra Cotta.

They sent us Terra Cotta and Colonial Red samples. We really liked the Colonial Red and decided to make the switch. We told Buster to use the Colonial Red. He of course called the supplier to order the Country Red.

Fortunately, the supplier questioned it and we ended up with Colonial Red being installed, which is what we wanted. Buster got it right, but with all the confusion he fell for it hook line and sinker when Wendy deadpanned “Buster, it’s the wrong color”. She’s always doing fun stuff like that. Buster really likes it.