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What the heck is Villa Gorilla?

Villa Gorilla is a 3 bedroom house on the New River in Virginia. Wendy found a basic floor plan on the internet and we modified it to suit us. We then met with Ron McCall, an architect in Blacksburg to turn it into a design. Ron did a great job. Buster Moser built it. We live in it part of the time.

Why is this house named Villa Gorilla?

If you are wondering why any house would be called Villa Gorilla, you are not alone. “Villa Gorilla” is a lyric from a Warren Zevon (1947-2003) song entitled “Gorilla You’re a Desperado” from the 1980 album “Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School” . The song and lyrics are here.

I grew up in Bowling Green, KY. That’s a long way from the beach and as a result, I never spent any time at the beach to speak of till after Wendy and I were married. When we did go I discovered that people named their vacation homes. I told Wendy that if we ever had a beach house, I wanted to call it Villa Gorilla. We never ended up with a house at the beach, but now we have one on the New River. Villa Gorilla.

RIP Warren Zevon 1947-2003   –  “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”